TGIF ladies and germs, and welcome back to the second installment of Tail of Mears, a new feature in which we publish some of the emails we received from you this week. How's that name, everybody? Any meerkats out there I'm offending? Please continue to hate-email/blog/tweet/comment if so.

The Gay Kim Jong Of the Media World?

Get rid of Moylan. He's banning people for ridiculous reasons. He is becoming the gay Kim Jong Il of the media that more and more people find laughable. And he can't even write...........

Welcome To the Peep Show

That was a man you were communicating with.

Don't know if you have, or will, receive the goods from him, but it was a man, and you were probably the intended "peep" via email correspondence.

Hopes and Dreams For the Future

F**k you! I hope they fire your ass, and your new boss too!!

Some Advice For A.J. In His New Position

Brilliant move adding FUCK to your headlines. Now my IT dept can block
your site without any trouble. NSFW isn't just a concept.

Also, nice move making Moylan the number one writer on Gawker. As if
things weren't gay enough on the site, now you have someone gayer than
Richard Simmons as your standard bearer. And he's not even a good gay
as his musings on pop culture, fashion, etc., are almost always wrong.

Brian Williams says "Hi" to Denton. Hope he enjoyed the extra page
views he got.

Butthurts so Good

Damn, I love how you're all butthurt that no one likes your shitty article. It says a lot when the comments in the #stupid thread are better than the main page. Here's to you- having a mercifully short career as a writer!
from "Elizabeth"

Tail of Mears?

it have been that much harder to give it a funny but racially neutral
name? No, I didn't think so. Several of your commenters offered
replacements. You should take them, not only are they actually clever
and funny, they won't continuously offend and repulse your readers.

Shame on you, really.