While en route to an Illinois hospital after doctors discovered a nail lodged in his brain, one man did what anyone with a smartphone and shocking personal news would do: he uploaded a photo of the X-ray to his Facebook profile.

Earlier this week, the LA Times reports, Dante Autullo was using a nail gun when he felt something impact the side of his head, but the small wound and lack of major pain led him to believe the nail had simply zipped past.

It wasn't until the following day that a lingering discomfort convinced him to visit the hospital, where an X-ray revealed a 3 1/4-inch nail inside his brain. While inside the ambulance, Autullo uploaded the terrifying photo to his Facebook profile, where it was no doubt greeted by well-wishers and hesitantly given "Likes." (I would have suggested that he use the more visually arresting photoset feature on tumblr, but can definitely sympathize with his desire to upload something more quickly.)

After undergoing surgery to remove the nail and replace a segment of his skull, Autullo is now recovering at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill. The number of friends who have since chosen to hide all of his future updates has not yet been released.

[Images via Shutterstock/AP]