The last batch of President Kennedy's secret Oval Office recordings was released today, just barely missing the deadline for everyone's "Best Secret Presidential Recordings of 2011" year-end lists. Archivists from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library have been declassifying and releasing portions of the tapes, recorded so super duper secretly not even Kennedy's top aides knew of their existence before his death, since 1993.

The 45 hours of tape span the President's final three months in office. Reuters reports that the tapes find Kennedy engaged in heated discussions with his advisers over contradictory reports from Vietnam, strategizing for the 1964 presidential campaign, and even scheduling his ill-fated trip to Dallas.

Of course, everybody knows that the really juicy stuff is what gets left out. Here's a summary of what we don't get to hear, via Reuters:

Of the final hours of recordings released on Tuesday...officials excised about five to 10 minutes of family-related discussions and about 30 minutes because of national security concerns.

The complete (declassified) recordings—all 260 hours—are available on the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum website. Go forth and remix them into icy hot dubstep fireballs.

[Image via AP]