Monday night, Demi Moore took an ambulance to the hospital because of drugs. Well, her publicist said it was "exhaustion," but, fuck you, we know what that means. So everyone wondered just what drugs she was on. Now we know. It was Whip-Its.

Yes, TMZ says that, nitrous oxide was the reason Moore's friend called the ambulance. Apparently she fell down and showed signs of a seizure and was in a state of semi-consciousness. As anyone who has ever gone to a concert and huffed out of a balloon will tell you, this is called "fishing," and you'll be fine. And now she's in rehab. For whip-its. That is so sad, dude.

What was Demi doing messing around with those little bullet canisters and a cracker anyway? Or was she going super old-school and just inhaling the gas from a whipped cream container? Yeah, whip-its are good for a giggle, but can't she afford like, you know, real drugs?

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