Ladies and Gentleman, despite what your sad-sack best friend (who totally spends every Saturday night watching Lifetime movies and criticizing other people's OKcupid profiles) says, love, and by default, Valentine's Day is awesome. After all, it's the one time of year when couples can come together and shamelessly broadcast the fact that they "OMG! Love my Babywigglesmooch so much!" and the rest of the world just has to accept it (or defriend them on Facebook).

Valentine's Day is also a great opportunity for the less clinically insane to show their loved ones some extra special TLC—which is why Gawker has teamed up with Smirnoff vodka to bring you the Naughty or Nice Valentine's guide. Whether you're feeling kind of sultry like Smirnoff Whipped Cream, or playful like Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow—there is gift for you.


Nice: This vintage brass ball locket has a small scroll inside-the perfect size for scribbling sweet nothings like, "Baby, thank you for clearing your hair out of the drain."

Naughty: This 24k gold-plated locket may look innocent on the outside, but it encases a mini USB flash drive that's just right for holding those secrets (or photos) that were too NSFW to send from the office.


Nice: Martha Stewart's baking abilities have basically beatified her. If this recipe for Boston cream pie cupcakes hasn't earned her a call from the Vatican, then there is no hope for the rest of us.

Naughty: Sometimes love hurts, which is why this Chili oil-infused chocolate mousse is such a perfect V-day indulgence. Mix up a batch and let the slow burn (and chocolatey goodness) melt your bitter heart.


Nice: What could be more innocent than keeping track of the weekdays by peeking into your pants? Giving these Stella McCartney cotton briefs is a pretty way to remind your loved one to do the damn laundry at least once every seven days.

Naughty: Black and lacy is such a cliché in the world of lingerie, but hey, at least it's not fire engine red and marabou. If you're going to go in the Morticia Aadams 2.0 direction, make sure it's super luxe, like this satin slip from Agent Provocateur.


Nice: Dim the lights, get your date snuggled up on a bearskin rug (or other exotic animal skin of your choosing) and mix up a mug of Mellow Cocoa. One part hot chocolate mix and one part Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow flavored vodka, a Mellow Cocoa is the perfect thing to sip as you stare into each other's souls (or whatever it is that nice people do on Valentine's Day).

Naughty: Nothing like a delicious drink to set the mood. In fact, skip the Valentine's Day formalities all together and take your date straight to happy hour. Just fill a cocktail shaker with Smirnoff Whipped Cream flavored vodka, pineapple juice, sour mix, and grenadine, and you've got yourself a Creamy Sunset. Enjoy!

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