This leading lady was getting prescriptions filled from multiple on-set doctors. This actress slept with a casting director to get her big role (surprise, surprise) and this actress feels guilty that her movies objectify women. There's no pill to make that go away.

1. "A tipster emailed us that this actress, who is trying to whip herself into shape in rehab, was using on-set doctors to get multiple prescriptions for pain pills. The docs kept quitting because their feared for the licenses, but the producers kept finding more MDs to give her whatever she wanted. Things got so bad that she was even having unnecessary dental work just so she could get the attendant prescription." [Gawker]

2. "In honor of Australia Day, I thought I would make this blind item Australian. This actress is formerly A list, but now a good solid B. Back in the day when she got her role that made her internationally famous she got the role by sleeping with not just the casting director, but also this rounadabout Australian who was a friend of the director and was already bored with his wife. A further clue is this actress got naked in the movie for which she was cast." [CDaN]

3. "This B list actress has recently been studying feminist theory and saw a documentary, in which clips of her were featured, that discussed the portrayal of women in the media. She was shocked to realize she was part of a system that sexualizes women and is determined to do something about it. She told her agent she refuses to be booked in any role that objectifies a woman. While this is a step in the right direction, her team is worried since most of her previous roles have been based on her appearance." [BuzzFoto]

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