Demi Moore was apparently drinking massive amounts of Red Bull (and forgoing food and drink) before the 911 emergency that led to her hospitalization. The Sun (which, to be fair, just make shit up sometimes) reports:

The source explained: "Demi avoids alcohol and instead drinks tons of Red Bull when she goes out.

"But in recent months she's not been eating much, so she's also been drinking it in the day to give her energy to get through."

TMZ expands on Moore's love for the energy drink, writing that Moore "had cases and cases of Red Bull delivered to her home as early as 2002":

Sources from the Red Bull company tell us ... the delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.


Our sources say ... two weeks before Demi was hospitalized, she went to a Hollywood party and consumed a massive amount of Red Bull ... but never touched alcohol.

Some studies have shown that Red Bull can raise the risk of stroke and have adverse effects on cardiovascular health; one study in particular found that "Red Bull could be deadly when combined with stress." Stress, hmm? Like the kind of stress one might be under during a highly public and humiliating divorce?

Then again, it seems a lot more likely that Moore collapsed because of her alleged fondness for whip-its and adderall.

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