This actress was "necking" with another famous lady in public, and even got her number. This closet case's boyfriend dumped him after he wasn't allowed to go to a movie premiere and this couple has stayed together forever since they're both asexual. That's gotta be the world's most boring closet.

1. "Which A+ list movie actress who is not married, but might as well be, went and asked for this B list movie actress phone number at the SAG Awards and then after she got it, kissed the actress on the neck and gave her a little bite. Oh yes, this will be revealed." [CDaN]

2. "This closeted B list movie actor who headlined a franchise film will be looking for a new boyfriend soon. He brought his boyfriend on a trip with him, but would not let the boyfriend out of the hotel for the premiere. A very nasty fight ensued and the boyfriend headed home alone." [CDaN]

3. "This couple is considered A list, and have been together for a long time, not just by Hollywood standards, but by life standards. A source tells us that although there have been speculation about affairs in the past, the two have remained 100% faithful to one another. The secret to their success? They're both asexual." [BuzzFoto]

4. "More than one person in this family has achieved fame and success in the music industry, and several others have been television regulars. One of the members of the family recently passed at a very young age. While it is usual for families to ask for privacy when they are in mourning, this family is doing everything they can to cover up the cause of datth. It turns out that several members of the family have had similar struggles and they loathe the thought of having to discuss it in public." [Blind Gossip]

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