This actress got a rather stupid tattoo on the inside of her thigh. This actor brought a bunch of ladies over his virgin co-star's house so he could get laid. This actress does some rather creative things to her pubic hair. Why can't these ladies leave their crotches alone?

1. "Which C list film actress from a popular franchise, just got a tattoo (while she was completely wasted) on her inner thigh that says 'Great Wall of Vagina?'"

2. "This award nominated/winning actress always struck us as rather conservative. That's why we were surprised to learn that she is quite creative in the personal grooming department. She enjoys having her nether regions dyed and trimmed into creative shapes. We're not just talking about a simple pink heart for Valentine's Day here. She's taken it to a new level. For example, because her SO loves the NFL, she currently sports a deep orange football with white laces. She told friends that 'This football is the only thing that gets him away from the TV screen during football season.'" [Blind Gossip]

3. "So, a few years ago, this A list movie actor who is still A list today was shooting a movie and got drunk one night and decided what his male co-star needed was some sex. Apparently earlier in the week, the co-star told the A list actor that he was still a virgin. So, the A list actor was out with women on his arms and asked if any of them would be willing to sleep with the co-star. Several agreed after our A list movie actor promised them they could also sleep with him. So, the actor rounded them up and went over to the co-star's home and woke up everyone there with these women on his arm. It did not go over well at all and the co-star did not have sex that night. However, the next day on set had a whole different result." [CDaN]