A reader snapped the attached pictures of a man she says exposed himself to her this morning at the Whitehall Street subway station. Unahppy with his behavior, she decided to expose him even further.

From an email we received from a woman named Shannon:

I was on the uptown R Platform this morning, 8:30am, at Whitehall Street and it was just me and this perv. I was looking at my phone and looking to see if the train was coming, and I could just feel something wasn't right. I look over and he's in the corner looking at me and jerking off.

I get out my phone and take his photo. Then a man and a woman are now with me on the subway platform, I take two more photos of him and say to the man and woman, "this man just exposed himself to me, I took his photo, he's a pervert," then he approaches me and says, "why you take my photo, what are you talking about, what did I do?" The man gets in between me and the perv and tells him to back off. At this point the train has arrived and the lady says to me, "get on the train." The three of us get on the train and the perv stays on the platform. Attached are the photos I took.

Disclaimer: Obviously, there's no proof of lewd behavior in these pictures, just one woman's story so, who knows, this guy could be innocent. Also, it's probably wise to contact the police before reaching out to a gossip blog when a crime has occured. That said, there are still way too many pervs roaming the subway, and it can be hard to get law enforcement to take the issue seriously, in part because it's a tough crime to prosecute. So if you have any information that might assist the police and/or claimant in getting to the bottom of this incident, feel free to pass it along.

(Also, NB to pervs: The speed and resolution on camera phones goes up every year. Many of them even have video these days. Watch your ba... err, your parts.)