Shocker: Rapper Who Talks About Her 'Cunt Getting Eaten' by Girls Is Bisexual

Azealia Banks is the smiley young crush object of certain internet types due in no small part to lyrics like, "Kick it with ya bitch that come from Parisian/ She know where I get mine from, end of season/ Now she wanna lick my plum in the evening/ And fit that tongue-tongue d-deep in/ I guess that cunt gettin eaten." She's also harboring a deep, dark secret, revealed for the first time officially in John Ortved's New York Times profile of her today:

Ms. Banks considers herself bisexual, but, she said: "I'm not trying to be, like, the bisexual, lesbian rapper. I don't live on other people's terms."

Is America ready for a hot sexy young conventionally attractive forward flirtatious female rapper who talks in pornographic detail about her hot, sexy sexual encounters with other, presumably equally attractive, bisexual women?



Bonus question: Why would a famous openly gay dude in hip hop be a bigger deal than the many already openly gay and bisexual females? (Because of standard male fantasies and a patriarchal society. But feel free to offer alternate theories.)

[NYT; Image via FB. Azealia, you'll never make it in hip hop if you don't go bowling with us. Email me.]