I asked you to immortalize your most embarrassing Bar Mitzvah photos by submitting them to this contest, and the results are in. On a side note: When my Dad saw the original post he was upset because he did not like that I was joking about my special day. Let it be known that I was not making fun of my Bat Mitzvah, or the Mitzvah tradition in general. I was celebrating what is truly a very special day in the lives of Hebe boys and girls- Men and Women- everywhere.

Also, the pictures are ridiculous and I think it is OK to make a little bit of fun of the tradition. While there were many commendable submissions, there can only be one winner. Congratulations to MCA, whose leather and lace piano portrait, not to mention self-styled hair, has earned her a victory. Email me for your well-deserved prize, MCA!

Honorable mention goes out to the following, in no particular order:




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