Is it Friday already? We know it is because we have an extremely advanced sun dial here in the office, and also because you can only hear the word "cunt" so many times before you know in your heart that the week is finally over. This week's Tail of Mears was made for you, by you.

Babies Are Still U-G-L-Y

I just created a profile, so I c ould c omment onyour "uglybaby"piece. I want nothing to do with you sick fucking assholes.

Fantasy or Dream- Hamilton Will Kill You


Please consider this. Whether or not I have anything to fear is not
the issue. All threats should and are taken seriously for me. After
receiving similar threats, your post fit nicely into that category. I
was told I was tracked, that they were coming to kill me, to be
prepared, and found private info and started sending threats to be
prepared<-the old V theme. At the time I did not find it funny, and
this sort of post does not help the situation. It is highly
unprofessional in every way. Why even post something like that? I
know life sucks sometimes, but threats in anyway are threats-even if
they are open ended. I read your post probably a dozen times before I
found a discrepancy to give me any peace.

As you is no fantasy or dream-you will kill me. Not cool
Ham. I know a lot of people that have received similar threats. Why
did you post that?

A Lesson In Parallelism

Yo your mobile site isn't working dicks and cunts. Get that shit working fags and dikes.

Will Not Serve Or Protect

How disrespectful!!! Most things don't bother me, but this does... I sure hope you never have to call those "fat pigs" to save your life one day. Those pigs protect you. What would this world be like if we didn't have police. I've got my POST and I'm looking for a police job, I sure as hell wouldn't help you!

Breaking: Gawker Will Not Fire Noted Pansy, Adrian Chen

how about replacing adrian chen with someone who ISN'T A PANSY!

He's Lost All His Interest and He Can't Get Up

Hey Gawker, what's up? So I'm reading the recent article about the barista from Starbucks losing her break room and i decided to leave a somewhat angry but knowledgeable comment. I realize that because I've commented so little that my comment won't be posted. What i wasn't expecting is for your "company" to give gold stars to 6 year old's that happily leave baiting and goading comments for my post specifically. My question to Gawker is why would i even be interested in ever posting to your site if I have to prove my worth to a bunch of children bloggers with extreme retardation. Don't worry about me because I've lost my interest in your website. Just thought I share my thoughts with you about your glorious business plan.

[Image by Jim Cooke]