Today, Michelin spokesman Newt Gingrich berated the Manhattan elites who "ride the subway"; last month, he scolded them for "writing for fancy newspapers" and "rid[ing] the metro." But as non-members of the elite class, we had to ask ourselves: is it really true that elites ride the subway?

A thorough investigation of our own archives reveals that the answer is "yes." Here are all the reports we've received of New York elites on our "metro."

Bill Keller, who writes for a fancy newspaper, spotted on the B train.


And here's Arianna Huffington, heading off to an elite high rise.

Guess who this is? That's right: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


A tipster sent us this rousing intellectual debate between Peggy Noonan and Maureen Dowd.

Times op-ed writer David Brooks on his way to "the Tower of News."

And finally, our old friend Brian Williams, making friends on the subway.