There are the GOP debate moments everyone talks about and we all remember: Romney's $10,000 bet, Newt being indignant about a Juan Williams question, Romney saying "I'm running for office for Pete's sake," Newt being indignant about a John King question, Cain introducing us to 9-9-9, Newt being indignant about a Chris Wallace Question, etc. Then, there is perhaps the most well known debate moment, Rick Perry's "Oops." But, lost among these is something very important that Ron Paul did. Fortunately — or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it — Ron Paul's moment has been completely overlooked because it happened during Rick Perry's famous "Oops" moment. What did Ron Paul do? He held up his hand like a claw and said "Five." Remember? Watch his creepy claw hand.

"You need fiiiihyv... it's fihyv." - Ron Paul

That's just a very bizarre way to represent the number five with your hand. Straighten out your fingers, Ron Paul. Please tell us you were more dexterous during the time that you were a GYNECOLOGIST. Good god.

This occurred a couple of months ago, but it can't really be counted as old news because nobody ever talked about it at the time it happened. Rick Perry got all the press, and Ron Paul only got discussed in terms of his oversized suit jackets that hover around the back of his neck like the rings of Saturn. But, now that Ron Paul is in the Final Four of Republican candidates, it seems wise to rehash the things he did that were missed when everyone was like, "Maybe Jon Huntsman has a shot!"