This actor guest starred on a hit show some years back, he ruined this actress' relationship. This actor is a stoner, this famous couple are coke heads, this new mother is already smoking again, and this sober actor gives his money to help other people fight addiction. Well, that sure is a change of pace.

1. "Back not so very long ago this then A+ list television actor guest starred on the number one show at that time which was on the air for many years. The actor was and is married at the time. His role was as the boyfriend of one of the characters. Well, while filming his arc he quickly ended up hooking up with this other actress on the show who is an A list movie actress now. That relationship did not break up our actor's marriage but it broke up her long term relationship." [CDaN]

2. "This film star has publicly battled depression and drugs, but he still shuffles into his favorite Venice Beach, Calif., eatery stoned out of his mind. The actor – he's currently in an Oscar-nominated film – repeat­edly slurs "I'm a vegan" during his smashed lunchtime outings! Who is he?" [National Enquirer]

3. "Which superstar couple has resorted to using cocaine to stay thin? The gorgeous wife and handsome hubby don't live anywhere near Hollywood, but their partying lifestyle is the talk of their southern town!" [National Enquirer]

4. "Which gorgeous actress—she just had her second child—is hiding a nasty nicotine habit? The married former child star was at the Golden Globes after-parties using her girlfriend as a shield to block her from the cameras as she puffed away on a cigarette!" [National Enquirer]

5. "Since this A/B list actor (huge star in the '90s) has embraced his sobriety, he is dedicated to helping others like him who struggle. He gives large chunks of his time and money to addiction recovery programs, and does it all anonymously. While he's not working in the film industry as much as he used to, he is definitely active online where he helps run a popular support group, under a pseudonym." [BuzzFoto]

6. "What reality competition star has been cheating on his wife but always makes it a point to say how much he loves her in interviews and on the air? The Grammy-winning musician has been caught by his wife so many times he finally promised her he would NEVER stray again. But he's still at it, and he's more worried about a big divorce settlement than her feelings!" [National Enquirer]

7. "New faux couple alert! She's a beautiful up and coming actress. He's already starred in several movies and is a teen favorite. She has a big film opening very soon, but needs a higher profile so she can score top billing in a film. He has several films opening this year – and another half dozen in development – but could use a beard. They make a very attractive fake couple, they share an agent, and their faux union has the blessing of their respective PR teams, so… bring on the fake dates, the red carpets, and the paparazzi!" [Blind Gossip]

8. "Which nine-time Grammy winner is seriously considering getting hair-plug extensions? The 30-something crooner has been singing the blues about his receding curls, so he's meeting with the top hair transplant specialist in New York!" [National Enquirer]

9. "This supposedly happy couple featuring a Twilight actress is only happy on one side of the equation. The actress in question has been sexting one of her ex boyfriends and making plans to see him." [CDaN]