Kids these days: what is up with their love lives? Well, it's complicated.

Preteen: They're having sleepovers—completely platonic sleepovers. For the moment. MEDIA QUOTE: "'So far it's pretty innocent,' Ms. Rose says of her kids' sleepovers, adding, 'Of course, there's that one who brought the bra, and they all had to try it on.'"

Tween: They start dating—yeah, fake dating where you're all, "I 'Like' you on Facebook." Whatever, kids. MEDIA QUOTE: "But 'dating' in middle school doesn't mean what many adults think. Tween couples talk mostly via text and chat."

High School: ???

College: "Students at a Pennsylvania university can obtain the 'morning-after' pill from an unusual source - a vending machine at the campus health center."

Who's to Blame for Your Child's Rapid Descent from Text-Message Puppy Love to Constantly-Fucking Morning After Pill-Popper?: Probably that girl that brought the bra to the sleepover.

[Photo: Az jade/ Flickr]