This famous lady had the flight crew move everyone in first class so she could sit alone. This TV star sleeps with lots of other celebrities, this porn star had a famous actor's baby, and this Oscar nominee found out their big news this year while in the middle of having sex with a stranger. Now that is first class.

1. "According to a tipster, this famous Broadway diva committed a folly yesterday while flying to Miami. After arriving on the plane with a VIP escort she was upset to find that she wouldn't be sitting alone in her row. She had the flight attendants move the other passengers so she could sit by herself. The other passengers were so upset, they might have wanted to get their guns." [Gawker]

2. "She is the star of a television show. She is married with child/ren. But this star loves her 'extra-curricular' activities. She is very good at her work… and very good at her pleasure. Actors, musicians, TV personalities, and athletes all call and email and text her management team hoping for an introduction… and a possible hookup. The star asks the management team to handle all the fan mail and the business messages but insists on handling all the messages from male celebrities herself. She certainly has built up a very interesting collection of celebrity male 'fans' over the years. She is especially flattered that a certain hot Canadian celebrity has recently called her more than twenty times seeking a hookup. Why does her husband put up with the constant humiliation?" [Blind Gossip]

3. "This porn-star turned actress blabbed recently to a source that one of her children belongs to a very famous actor from a very famous fantasy franchise." [BuzzFoto]

4. "Most of the time an Academy Award nominee tells a really funny story about being awakened at 530am by their agent or manager telling them the good news that they have been nominated. This year, one of the nominees for best actor/best actress found out while they were still in the middle of an all night bender with someone who is not their significant other. After a night of epic partying, this actor/actress was actually in the middle of having sex with a stranger they picked up earlier in the night when their phone began blowing up with the news. This one will shock you with who it is." [CDaN]