The slow-moving but determined people of Iowa continue to exact their revenge on uppity University of Iowa professor Stephen Bloom (pictured), who wrote that piece in The Atlantic a couple months back trolling the entire state by depicting them as a bunch of hound-stroking mouth breathers. The backlash led Bloom to flee the state for an "undisclosed location."

The Iowa City Press-Citizen went and got all Bloom's emails about the story with an open records request, and used those emails to write a news story embarrassing him. Who knew that simpletons were capable of such things?

"The story is going viral, so who knows where it'll stop. ... Ironically, I submitted this piece to AT LEAST 40 places before the Atlantic bit," Bloom wrote in an email to fellow UI professor Mark Blumberg. "I even agreed to cut it from 7,500 to 600 words for and after I did, they rejected it. Ha!"

Ha, I guess.... Politico was smarter than The Atlantic, for once? The emails also show that Bloom got invited to be on The Colbert Report and CNN but then they cancelled on him and then he tried to play it off later like "I believe appearing on those shows would not further discussion on the important issues."

Iowans always get the last slow chuckle.

[Press-Citizen via Romenesko]