We heard your web tips, your thoughts on race, and learned a fun new way to spell an old insult. This week's special edition hate-mail roundup also includes the top comments from A.J.'s ban piece. This week, we were all winners.

"Yes, I Am the Lorax Who Speaks For the Zooey":

I have a tip. Leave Zooey alone, will ya? She's made it clear she doesn't like Gawker's coverage of her, and you sure as hell aren't entertaining any of the readers with those stupid posts everyday. I'm not a superfan of hers or anything, but I don't see what she's done to deserve the obsessive, mean-spirited attention this site gives her.

Peace, David

A Helpful Hint:

Here is a tip. Unless you are owned by Gizmodo.com, stop stealing their page layout. Your sites layout is virtually identical to theirs.

A Helpful Follow-Up:

Nevermind, it looks like you are owned by the same company :)

Subject: Kunt

shut up you dildonic non-person

Here Is a Dichotomic Glance At Racism on Gawker:

Hamilton, Leah: As a regular Gawker reader, your columns today caught my attention and I wanted to share with you some thoughts.

Leah claims that Pete Hoekstra's campaign is "Racist-er" because a coder used "yellowgirl" to label a photo, even though hardly anyone reads the code. The TV spot, IMHO, was racist — but the code??? That's a bit too much.

Then Hamilton, in an article stating his opinion about the Univision network under discussion, talks about a "vaguely Latino-looking anchor"???!!! Now that I find a description that could be interpreted as extremely racist. Place yourself in Arizona, in Maricopa County, under Sheriff Arpaio. "Stop any vaguely Latino-looking and unless they prove to us they can be here get rid of them".

I don't doubt Leah's distaste for racism, nor do I believe Hamilton to be a racist. But sometimes, it helps to think a bit, specially when dealing with racism. It's a nasty thing.


By the way drop by our publication, we use Gawker a lot.

Moylan, a Sissy Among Men:

So what? You're still a sissy boy who thinks he speaks for other sissy boys:

Things to Do Other Than Watch the Super Bowl

When you don't. I like football and I like Superbowl.........esp tomorrow because there are two very good teams playing. Hate the competition? Yeah, some of you sissyboys do but not all of us do. I shouldn't have been banned from Gawker because I don't care which city is the gayest in the land. But the problem is when a sissyboy like you gets a little power, it goes to your head. You're out of control, dude, and it will be your downfall. Mark my words.

Below you will find the most creative and persistent comments that kept our wonderful intern, yes, Maeve Keirans, busy all day long:

  • The name: "Maeve Keirans" is an anagram for my three favorite activities: Enema Rave Ski.
  • Your vagina smells like the bottom of a McDonald's dumpster.
  • Now, that should be plenty. You got rid of all the clever people, Now you are going to be stuck with idiots like me who will talk to themselves into a little box on a computer screen all night.
  • I mean, you could have just posted the damn thing and disabled comments. Instead, it's inviting commenter self-distruction. I've found myself visiting Gawker less and less over the past month or so...maybe it's time to just DTMFB(ookmark)A.
  • Re-posted 31 times:
    Aw man, this has gotten WAY out of hand...
  • Okay, so here's the thing: AJ and I were doing bumps off a stripper's ass in Philly when I said, "Hey AJ, I know the whole sporting world thinks you're a douchecanoe, but the urbane of Gawker don't really have it in their gay little heads yet, you should do something to show them who's boss." He finished his bump, rubbed a chicken wing on his gums, and agreed. So we decided to make a post that would guarantee that no one would dare comment on it, to show how much power AJ had.
  • And it *did* work...for about 15 seconds. Then the first person responded with a crushing comment, and AJ banned. And then the second person not only burned him, but brought up his whole 'posted a drunk chick possibly being raped on video' controversy, and he sent his intern to ban. And then...fuck, guys, we didn't think we'd lose some of the biggest and best of this site. Dr. Teeth, Quantum, Assembled, the most lauded names happily threw down their lives (and forever their page views) just to show AJ that he was so far beneath them, it was pathetic. By the time the smoke cleared, most of the true talent (read: commenters) were happily settled into Crasstalk and the Awl, and AJ was left with the dregs of pinks, and those too scared to go anywhere else.
  • All I know is, the intern is in the corner crying, AJ is covered in stripper glitter and wing sauce, and Big Daddy Denton is going to be pissed when he sees his page views tanking in the next week.
  • So, sorry. While we're at it, I'm sorry for convincing AJ that he could handle a commentariat as witty as the Gawker crowd when he could barely manage a site that featured +1, and for being a grown up who still thinks he can call himself 'AJ', like he's a 10 year old in little league.
  • Sincerely,
  • AJ's Ego
  • I ♥ AJ!
  • A.J., you, my sir, are a poltroon and a fool. Good day and good luck!
  • Wait I am confused. Who is this AJ and why does he cause so much controversy?

[Image by Jim Cooke]