This is just a crazy string of betrayals, but this rocker is thinking of leaving his celeb partner to shack up with a new lady. This singer skipped the Grammys to enter rehab, and these TV news personalities are on the rocks. Let's see how long they can keep this news under wraps.

1. "This deception is almost movie worthy. You have a foreign born B list actress and singer who is barely known here in the US but is A list back home and has had some very interesting boyfriends in the past. Their previous choices makes you wonder how she ended up with them. Anyway, her part of the deception was simple. She found a former A list tweener and convinced him she was in like with him. He even got to fool around with her once or twice. On the other side of the equation is a former almost A list singer. Now you feel like the singer is not far from playing casinos and state fairs. Anyway, our singer is married to a reality star and has been for quite some time. There are kids involved. So, we have the foreign born star and the singer and they have been together for about six months. The thing is they can never go anywhere when she is in LA and have to really sneak around and use her friend's apartments even with her pretending to be the girlfriend of the former A list tweener. Now though they will have several weeks together alone while they film a new show out of the country. They are going to use this time to decide if the final cut should be made and the singer can move on with the foreign born star." [CDaN]

2. "This award-winning singer was another Grammy no-show. She was actually scheduled to present one of the awards, but has a good excuse for not showing up: she went to rehab. We're very glad that this broken girl is getting help. She will be in rehab for the next three weeks , which, in our opinion, is simply not enough time to work on her multiple issues. Although her Twitter account is still active, she is not the one who is writing her tweets. Her team is twittering for her to try to fool her fans into thinking that she is fine. Anything to fool the public and sell those albums! We still don't quite understand why she chronically lies about her situation and why she lets others lie for her. Maybe that's part of being an addict or of being an enabler? We hope it's something she will explore and straighten out in rehab. The concept of being honest with yourself and others is an essential cornerstone of a long-lasting recovery, and we sincerely hope she 'gets it' this time. For now, though, her team is claiming that she is 'on vacation' for a week. Whatever. Let's just hope that they let her stay 'on vacation' there this time, and that they don't pull her out for some BS photo op or performance. Good luck, Kid!" [Blind Gossip]

3. "Two broadcast journos are currently living apart. Like many people, both have had complexities in their personal lives leading up to their own, now troubled union. Will they divorce? Only time will tell. For now, he has been spotted repeatedly staying at an apartment building with another woman rumored to work at the same network. Unfortunately for him, his new neighbors aren't too thrilled about it." [Media Bistro]