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Among the sins of this press release:

1. Using "man-boobs" as a quasi-medical term.
2. Being about man-boobs.
3. Including "Sample Interview Questions" in a press release.
4. Including the last "Sample Interview Question."

From: [PR Dummy]
Subject: INTERVIEW IDEA: Attack of the Man-Boobs — Why are they so common?


Male breast reduction now the world's fastest-growing cosmetic surgical procedure!
Attack of the Man-Boobs: Why men's bodies are becoming feminized, and what guys can do about it...
An interview with Dr. Paul Ling Tai, author of "The Thin Factors"

Gynecomastia is a term doctors use to describe the medical condition when a man develops "woman-like breasts."

To the layman, this condition is known simply as having "moobs," short for "man-boobs."

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, hanging or protruding breasts on men are far more common than many realize. In fact, it's a phenomenon affecting an estimated 40 to 60 percent of the male population.

"Breast reduction surgery for men is now the world's fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedure," says Dr. Paul Ling Tai, author of the book, The Thin Factors.

Dr. Tai says that a biochemical process called aromatization is the reason most men develop feminine-like breasts.

"Aromatization is a problem that most men over 40 have, and it occurs when the body begins turning the testosterone in the blood into estrogen, a hormone responsible for development of the female reproductive system," says Dr. Tai. "When aromatization starts to occur in a man, you'll notice him start to have a bigger stomach, bigger hips, a rounder butt, and bigger, feminine-like breasts."

Dr. Tai says the phenomenon of aromatization is not very well known but extraordinarily important because it robs every man over the age of 40 his masculinity. It decreases his muscle mass, interferes with his positive outlook on life, inhibits normal sexual drive, and drastically alters his physical shape.

"The aromatization of testosterone to estrogen is also why men begin to have enlarged prostate glands in their 50's and 60's," says Dr. Tai. "It's the elevated level of estrogen which is enlarging the prostate tissue."

Getting Lean and Mean: How Men Can Reverse Feminization

Dr. Tai says men can shrink their man boobs and reverse all symptoms of feminization with a few changes in diet and lifestyle, as well as taking a few recommended dietary supplements.

Cut sugary drinks and alcohol from the diet. They increase estrogen.
Start a mild daily exercise or walking program as your energy allows.
Take Estrogen Defense, a supplement made from broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, to protect your cells against the influence of estrogen.
Take Estrogen Detox, a supplement to help you flush estrogen into the digestive tract where it can be eliminated in a stool.
Max Andro, a natural calcium supplement that increases testosterone 30%.
Read the book The Thin Factors, and start Dr. Tai's step-by-step diet program. Because your body's fat cells are producing estrogen, melting off that fat is part of the long-term solution to putting an end to excess estrogen levels.

"The above program can begin to show results within 1 to 4 weeks," says Dr. Tai.

Sample Interview Questions:

1. How prevalent is the "moob" problem in men?

2. What's causing this epidemic?

3. How does a man know whether he needs to correct his estrogen/testosterone levels?

4. You, yourself, had a problem with excess estrogen production. Can you tell us about it?

5. You have developed dietary supplements which not only stop and reduce the production and presence of estrogen, but also increase testosterone. Tell us about these supplements, how they work, and how quickly they are able to produce noticeable results.

6. Your book is entitled The Thin Factors. Tell us why you wrote it, and why not only men with estrogen issues need to read it, but women as well.

7. The book and your supplements are available to order from your Web site. Give us the address, and tell us what else we'll find there.

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