This TV celeb reported to work totally hammered. This star is neglecting a failing TV project to try her hand at being successful in film, and this singer just hooked up with his step-sister. Seems he's working under the influence too.

1. "What reality judge on a very hit show was so hammered when she came to a taping of her show that there was literal panic about whether or not they could sober her up enough to participate in the taping or going to have her be 'sick.'" [CDaN]

2. "This past-her-prime star is so narcissistic that she thinks everything she touches should succeed simply because she is part of it. Her current television project—in which she is a principal player—is sliding badly in the ratings. She should be devoting herself to the project full-time to ensure its success. But she is so desperate for an ego boost that she has instead decided to take a part in a completely unrelated film project in which she thinks she has a better chance of succeeding. Those who have invested heavily in her first project are so stunned by her selfishness that they are vowing to never work with her again." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This C list boy-bander who was once a much bigger star, is not only struggling with substance abuse, he's struggling with fidelity. He recently cheated on his girlfriend by having a one night stand with his stepsister." [BuzzFoto]