The FBI once again proves it is the best in the world at disrupting the terrorist plots it creates. A Moroccan man in his 30s was arrested on his way to what he thought would be a suicide bombing on the U.S. Capitol. But the bombs strapped to his chest were fakes, supplied by the FBI.

See, the guy thought he had been plotting with al Qaeda, but it was FBI agents the whole time! Just like how the feds provided that Portland Christmas Tree bomber with a fake car bomb, and that 26-year-old would-be terrorist fake guns and grenades last year. These tactics are borderline entrapment. But we're mainly pissed they didn't even let the guy press the button: Imagine his face after he'd sprinted towards the Capitol, screamed "Death to America!," pressed the detonator and a little flag that said "Boom" popped out. Then Ashton Kutcher dropped down in an FBI helicopter. Punk'd.

So, the FBI has shown it is very good at leading young men through the steps of a fake devious bomb plot. But you know what would be really impressive: If they covertly guided people into carrying out good plans. Imagine if some FBI agent approached a young, disaffected Muslim guy and started whispering in his ear ideas about opening up a really killer Middle Eastern-Asian fusion family restaurant that uses only locally-sourced ingredients.

[Image via AP]