In the '70s this famous teen idol used to get a new fan club president every six months so he could sleep with her. This couple wants to start a family and is having difficulty and this tween star's parent is a bit abusive. Maybe she needs a fan club president to protect her.

1. "Back in the day there used to be fan club presidents. This late '70s A list tweener singer and fan club favorite would change his fan club president every six months to a year. No other celebrity got so involved with his fan club. He would go to meetings and communicate directly with them all the time. The reason? He wanted to sleep with them all. He came from such a goody goody background that the only time he could have any fun or have sex or party was at these fan club 'meetings.' I wouldn't be surprised if he has a couple of kids out there too because someone had to explain to him what a condom was after he had been doing this for about a year." [CDaN]

2. "Just last year this entertaining couple was talking about starting a family. Those plans may not pan out though. She is unhappy with the fact that he is a little too convincing when kissing other girls (even if it's just for the sake of the camera). Her imagination is exacerbated by the memory of him having cheated on her during their first year of marriage. So, even when they are in the same space they fight, and every time they fight one of them winds up storming off for the night. In the past couple of months they have spent more nights apart than together. He is now telling friends that not only are the baby plans on hold, but that if things don't change soon, the marriage may be over." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This young child actress who plays the little sister of a bigger star on a cable children's network show, was seen signing autographs at a popular theme park recently. When fans weren't looking, she was getting a hard slap in the face by her parent for wanting to go home instead of continuing to promote herself." [BuzzFoto]