This actor is spending a lot of money to be a transvestite. This NFL player is dating an actress but sleeping with actors on the side. And this comedian is such a sex fiend he's started hooking up with guys. Today's blind items should fly a rainbow flag.

1. "This A-List actor shed his substance abuse problems to become a Hollywood role model for clean living, but now it seems he has a new addiction—cross-dressing! He loves to doll himself up in vintage women's clothing and has spent more than $10,000 on items such as high heels, dresses, fancy hair accessories and hats. The goods are ordered online (using an alias) and delivered to his manager's house." [National Enquirer]

2. "It turns out that Hollywood is not the only place you need beards. Sports also has a need for beards. What happens when you combine the two? You get an NFL player who wants to meet gay actors so "dates" a B list actress. Hey, she has done it before for a reality star." [CDaN]

3. "This Oscar-winning ladies' man has taken his obsessive and out-of-control sex life to new levels. The heterosexual comedian/actor/singer is so insatiable that he's started turning tricks with men! Who is the newly bisexual star?" [National Enquirer]

4. "There was a lot of fuss made over many of the celebrities at the service for Whitney Houston. However, there were two big celebs in attendance who went relatively unnoticed. One is a pop diva and the other is her former sister-in-law, who is also a singer. Both have famous last names. The latter flew in just for the service and the two sat together towards the back of the church. They didn't sing any songs or make any speeches or demand any kind of attention. They simply paid their respects and quietly exited once the service was over." [Blind Gossip]

5. "Which former Disney kids were caught on video doing cocaine with the actress daugh­ter of a famous Hollywood star who's currently battling her own addiction problems? The young stars were caught on cell phone cameras at a house party, where they were snorting lines as they giggled at old episodes of the show that launched their careers!" [National Enquirer]

6. "Two best friends- one is a big film actress, the other is known mostly for television are starting to feud over a recent incident that happened at a party. One of the actresses overheard the other telling a group of people that her best friend's divorce was the result of complete selfishness on the part of her friend. She claimed that the friend wants everyone to feel sorry for her because of her divorce, but she couldn't blame the ex husband because 'no one in their right mind could live with her.'" [BuzzFoto]

7. "Which former sitcom star SAYS he's clean and sober, but is actually back on drugs and doing worse than ever? The actor, who is trying to stage a career comeback, is showing up to interviews high as a kite, but Hollywood seems to finally be over his outlandish antics." [National Enquirer]