It's time for another episode of Project Runway All Stars—also known as "Mondo's March to (Probable) Redemption." We're live-blogging all the action under this post, so why not join us and strut your commenting stuff?

Anyone can crash this little chat party! Here's how to do it, if you haven't participated before: Just settle down in front of your TV with your laptop or keyboard handy, start watching tonight's episode (which starts at 9 pm Eastern on Lifetime), and post witty quips and observations about the show, along with the rest of us, in the comments section below. You'll be stuff-strutting in no time!

By the way, the thing I mentioned about Mondo above is based on my own guess that he'll win this season, and not on any actually spoilers floating around out there about this season—which I haven't read, so please don't repeat them if you have! So far this season, the commenters here have been very good at keeping any mention of these spoilers out of these live blogs, so if we could keep that spoiler-free streak going, that'd be great.

You know what else the commenters here are very good at? Posting "Kors-style runway put-downs" (KSRPs). Since so many of us have missing Michael Kors and his witty judging quips in this Kors-free "All Star" edition of the show, I asked folks to offer up their own KSRPs last week as a way to help fill the void. And did you guys ever deliver! Here's a selection of some of the most memorable KSRPs that commenters came up with (linked to photos of the looks they were referring to):

  • On Austin's look: "Like lamé exploded on Miss Hannigan" (ludditesque); "Little Bo Peep meets foil Christmas wrap" (GoOnWithoutMe); "Austin's cuckoo for rococo puffs!" (BabyJane)
  • On Michael's look: "Like an extra in the streetwalking scene from ‘Pretty Woman'" (Havisham Bridal Party); "Holy guacamole!" (Pyewacket)
  • On Kara's look: "Like someone raided the castoffs from Alexis Carrington's closet" (otterbird); "Add some puppy fur and she's got herself a Cruella" (bread_and_potatoes)
  • On Mondo's look: "Joan Crawford meets Lord of the Rings" (Capt.Snarky); " Mrs. Roper out on a bender" (MeaniePants); "Joseph's Not-So-Amazing Nightmare Coat" (gerbilsoutofexile)

So if you experience any Kors withdrawal symptoms during tonight's episode, try reading the KSRPs above with Kors' voice in your head as do. You'll feel better in no time.

There were also plenty of witty quips of the non-KSRP variety last week—I've collected a few of my favorites in this "highlights" post. And here a few highlights to watch for on tonight's episode:

  • The challenge will focus on six flags, meaning the designers will have to make looks inspired by a trip to an amusement park. Actually, that's not true—they'll really be making looks inspired by the flags of six different countries. But I think I like my challenge idea better.
  • Austin will reinforce his role as this season's "Bartholomew Cubbins guy"—that is, the reality-show contestant who gets attention by wearing a variety of wacky hats throughout the season. (There have been many of them in recent television history.) Following his past gondolier- and matador-style headpieces, tonight Austin will sport … I dunno, a military hat from the Russian Revolution, maybe? Check out this screenshot and see what you think.
  • Here a few random things people will say during the episode—so if you're in a drinking-game mood, be sure to take a drink when you hear them: "This isn't greased lightning-it's greased frightening." "It's disturbing to look at, so in that way I think you've succeeded." "I get communism from this dress!"

And speaking of drinks, if you want to grab one before tonight's live blog, now would be an excellent time because the show's about to start. I'll see you down in the comments!