This singer lost her "religion" and now church officials are driving her crazy. This sexy singer is actually a virgin, and two celebs are fighting over which one is going to have this singer as the guest of honor at their separate Oscar bashes. There's so much singing, and so many caged birds.

1. "This once upon a time almost B+ list female singer is now more famous for being famous. Hey, at least it keeps her wealthy. She is also known for being a devout member of this church. She recently left it though after she suffered a nervous breakdown and went on an alcohol binge that would make Arthur proud. She went to rehab and while in rehab began seeing a psychiatrist. Uh oh. She also left her church which is never a good thing. However, if you are wealthier it is easier to avoid them. They knock at her door everyday and dig through her trash, but she just hires more and more security to keep them all away and stays locked inside her house. It is a stand off. Oh, the tales she will be able to tell. But what about her kids? Her other relatives who are also in the church?" [CDaN]

2. "Which very sexy young singer and performer has actually has never had sex?" [BuzzFoto]

3. "This celebrity feud has another round coming up in the next couple of weeks! In the competition for Oscar party guests, this Diva has scored a small early victory over her Rival. The Diva sent out a super-early invitation to this very popular Singer and secured her commitment to attend her pre-Oscar party. Diva then instructed several of her other guests to do everything possible to keep the singer at Diva's party all night. The plan includes bribing the Singer's driver to feign an engine problem once they have arrived at the Diva's party. Diva wants to prevent the Singer from attending the party of the Rival, scoring points for the Diva's popularity… and very effectively ruffling the feathers off the Rival, whose anticipation of the arrival of the Singer all night will end in bitter disappointment." [Blind Gossip]