Word on the street is this celeb is going to have a warrant put out on him very soon. This actor is trying to get sober and it's not going well. All this singer wants is another baby. No, she's not in Ace of Base.

1. "Guess which performer may have a warrant issued for his arrest before the end of the week? If the karma gods are at work, he'll wind up back in prison yet. While his women may cry, at least a certain famous producer will be very happy about this. Blonde, violent, and stupid is no way to go through life, Son." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This former A list mostly movie actor who now plays an almost supporting role to the fame of his B list actress mostly television wife is trying to give up booze. He has had a lot of issues in the past when he has tried including some horrific violence towards people close to him. Right now he has trouble working because he is going through such withdrawals that he shakes and sweats and looks like death most of the time. His wife is sticking by him though as she always has, despite her frequent injuries." [CDaN]

3. "This singer, who has been focusing on her other business ventures in lieu of music, has a new project in mind. She wants another child. While she spends her time with her kids and has no doubt that another baby would complete her family, her husband is busy sleeping with other women…and men. That won't stop her. She is even considering adoption." [Hollywood Dame]

4. "According to a source, there is a very religious actor (probably B/C list now) that seeks out members of his faith in Hollywood and if they don't follow the tenets of the faith, turns them in to local leaders." [BuzzFoto]