You may have noticed posting was a little sparse today on Gawker. That was mainly my fault: Today was my designated "Traffic whore" day, and I was supposed to post many cat videos and British tabloid stories about people being impaled in interesting ways, so that my colleagues could take time to concentrate on more in-depth stuff, like accurately predicting the reaction if various actors or actresses the day before the Oscars. Maybe Horse_ebooks cast a curse on me, or I ate a bad grape at breakfast. I just couldn't churn them out today.

Since I sucked at finding bloggable stuff on my own, I asked people on Twitter to send me some links. And this was the first one I got, from Twitter user Kirbysepicyawn:

It's a comedy show called Nick Sun: Death is a Work In Progress, which is tomorrow at 8 PM in Serial Space, "an artist-run gallery space in Sydney, Australia."

According to the event description:

Most acts have an act, Nick has a problem. His favourite part is when the act derails. It feels so good. So much more real. So come down and watch Nick build something nice and then freakout and destroy it.

Obviously, I can't speak to the quality of this show. Nick Sun has Wikipedia page though, and apparently Doug Stanhope loves him so he can't be too awful. So, go to Nick Sun: Death is a Work in Progress tomorrow, in Sydney. Happy Friday.