Have you heard that video is a big thing over at Gawker Media? It's true, we watch and post a lot of videos each week. Here are some of the best videos of week, culled from an array of Gawker Media sites.

VA Lawmaker Can't Get Laid Because of Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

Virginia Del. Dave Albo brought down the state house floor with this prepared monologue today. View »

The Best And Very, Very Worst Of JaVale McGee: A Video Tribute

JaVale McGee is an elite athlete who does things that most people could never even dream of. That's what makes it all the better when JaVale decides his talents are best spent doing things like goaltending a shot into the fifth row and running back on defense while his team still has the ball. View »

Finnish President's Husband Caught Staring at Princess' Boobs

Scandinavian* Scandal: Pentti Arajarvi, the husband of Finland's president, has been caught ogling the Danish princess' tits at a royal dinner in Copenhagen. The Sun provides video of the naughty Nordic spouse staring at Princess Mary's northern exposure, then averting his eyes and pretending to stare at the ceiling when Mary turns to face him. View »

You Actually Can Put A Gun Rack In A Chevy Volt, Newt Gingrich

One gun-totin' Chevy Volt owner responded to Newt Gingrich's claim that "you can't put a gun rack in a Volt" in the best way possible. He built a gun rack and put it in his own Volt, just to prove Gingrich wrong. View »

Mass Effect 3 "Take Back the Earth" Trailer Extended Cut Doubles the Excitement

First there was the teaser. Then the full trailer. Now BioWare has unleashed an even longer version of the excellent Mass Effect 3 "Take Back the Earth" video, with nearly 90 seconds of additional footage. View »

OMG, It's a Baby Fennec Fox

It just wants to get up on the bed. HELP IT GET UP ON THE FREAKING BED. View »

Unreleased Pre-Fame Nicki Minaj Video: No Stupid Faces

Here's Nicki Minaj, pre-Young Money signing, pre-"Super Bass," pre-pink hair, pre-Super bowl, pre-nonstop mugging, pre-stupid voices, walking through Queens and rapping over a Terror Squad beat. Pretty fun. View »

Someone Cut Off Adele's BRIT Awards Speech, So Adele Flipped Everyone Off

When your country's national musical treasure returns home to London after winning six Grammys and endearing herself to millions of bitter, cynical Americans with a single snort, it is probably in best practice to allow said treasure a fair number of seconds to bask in the moment of winning Album of the Year at her homeland's biggest music awards show. If you don't, said treasure can always flip everyone off on national television. View »

The Scale of the Universe 2 Will Blow Your Mind Once Again

Like the Godfather, the second part of the interactive Scale of the Universe by Cary Huang is even better than the first one. Prettier, with more information, and smoother. You can click here to enjoy being reminded of your mortality and insignificance. View »

Your Skinny Jeans Are Most Definitely Killing You

Bad news, friends. Your skinny jeans are slowly sapping the life out of you - that is if they haven't killed you already. You could be dead right now and not even know it, like something out of a M. Night Shyamalan movie. In fact, let's just assume that you are dead and I am addressing a bunch of ghosts. View »

And now, 15 minutes of Worf's ideas getting shot down by everyone on The Next Generation

This is easily the most depressing supercut I've seen in a while. Why the hell did the Enterprise crew keep the son of Mogh around if they were just going to crap all over his suggestions time and time again? That killjoy Riker, preventing our disenfranchised Klingon buddy from rending esophagi and whatnot. View »


In Brazil, helicopters are apparently built with the same structural frequency as the rotors' mechanical resonance. Or something, since I just made that up View »

Occupy Wall Street Videographer Films His Own Baby's Birth In Back of NYC Taxi

Occupy Wall Street welcomed its newest supporter yesterday (?) when this Occupy Wall Street videographer's wife had their baby in the back of a livery cab in New York. He filmed it, of course. View »

Russian Billionaire Rapping on Russian TV Show is Actually A Lot Like an SNL Sketch

SNL's on a rerun week, so the writers have plenty of time to prepare for the return of LiLo on March 3. But here's a quick sketch pitch: Replace Russian oligarch and presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov with Fred Armisen and run this actual segment from an actual Russian comedy show word-for-word. Do not change the set. Do not change the words. Do not change the way they all bob their heads to the beat. Do nothing. In fact, maybe just get the rights and lift the entire thing. This is perfect as it is. View »

Holy crap, does this worm-like amphibian lay terrifying eggs

In the soils of northeastern India, researchers from Delhi University have uncovered an entirely new family of amphibians. Meet the Chikilidae, which belong to an earthworm-like order of amphibians known as caecilians. Seven new species of Chikilidae were uncovered by the team, who recently published their findings in The Proceedings of The Royal Society B. View »

Video: 8-Year-Old Boy Shot in a Bronx Bodega

Armando Bigo, a second grader, was struck by a stray bullet while in Papa Yali's Deli last night. The footage shows Armando browsing the chips selection when he was hit in the upper chest/shoulder area. According to his mother, who was in the store as well, he is recovering at Jacobi Medical Center, where doctors are treating him for a punctur lung, a fractured rib, and an injured spinal cord. No one else was injured in the shooting. View »

‘Why Is No One Stopping This Murder?' Asks Marie Colvin In Her Brutal Last Report From Syria

Not for the faint of heart, Marie Colvin's last report from Homs, Syria shows the slow death of a baby boy. The city has been under siege for 18 days, resulting in thousands of casualties. Colvin was killed earlier this morning in the home where she was staying. View »

Stephen Colbert Explains His Absence

Stephen Colbert used the opening of tonight's Colbert Report to explain the sudden two day absence of his show last week. It seems clear now that all the crazy rumors were, in fact, crazy, and that Stephen went home to attend to his 91 year old mother. And it also seems she's ok, which is great news for all the members of Colbert Nation. View »

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