The 2012 Academy Awards Live Blog

Drew Magary has a bottle of Sangiovese and ten of his bestest galpals with him, and he is prepared to dispense MAXIMUM BITCHINESS. Read more »

I Went to the Pre-Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suites and All I Got Was This Sense of Disgust

I went to Beverly Hills in search of free stuff. Foolish. In Beverly Hills, nothing is free unless you absolutely, positively don't need it.Read more »

Predict Weepy Speeches and Red Carpet Grabass in Our Alternative Oscars Betting Pool

To throw chaos in the face of the longstanding tradition of Oscars betting pools, we're hosting an alternative game. Read more »

The Oscars' Biggest Misses

The Oscars are the definitive award for motion pictures, the highest achievement in film—but sometimes, the Academy's choices make no sense. Read more »

The Best of the Worst Netflix Reviews of Best Picture Nominees

Some Netflix reviews are, in fact, insightful, cogent, and sharply composed. But who wants to read those? Read more »