China: the "Far East," where four thousand years of cultural evolution has culminated in a battle to see whether The Mighty P'zone™ or the Big N' Tasty™ will become the national meal of choice. McDonald's has an outside-the-box new advertising strategy to woo the wary Chinese: telling them that McDonald's food is not a monstrous blight upon the concept of dining.

Sure, Chinese people, other foreign corporations may be plying you with false claims about nasty pork. Not "the Golden Arches!" To compete with the popular native Chinese restaurant KFC, McDonald's is going straight for the jugular—of deliciousness.

The fast-food giant is planning to air a series of television commercials this summer to portray itself as the fast-food brand in China with the best quality. The ads will feature "100% fresh beef" on the chopping block, farmers picking tomatoes from the vine and chickens eating high-quality feed, according to a company spokeswoman.

McDonald's new message: "We sell food." It's just crazy enough to work.

[WSJ. Photo: AP]