This week's mailbag brought us some wise words on karma, some scary visuals involving a toilet, and a lesson or two on things work over in HollyWEIRD. Read below to see other examples of your "disdained" for us:

A Polite Demand

please send sexy film

Hamilton Full of Hate

So thanks for not approving my comment.
Its clear you're not exactly respectful of people trying to run a decent business. All of the sponsors in gifting suites are just trying to improve their business. You are entitled to your thoughts but don't call out individual companies or people you have never met. You're only making yourself look full of hate. Not exactly classy to take photos of people to post rude comments about when they are just trying to make their business more solid to take care of their famlies.
When I first read your little piece I thought wow this guy really needs a hug. Try not to be so sour, its no way to go through life. You can do and be anything you want.

In Defense of Kevin Nealon

I wanted to write a letter to you in response to a recent Gawker story regarding gift suites in Hollywood.
I'm an actress- and I know; Hollywood, actors, and probably myself in particular are easy targets.
I get that— snark sells.

I attend gift suites ( when I'm invited) and always feel very grateful that anyone gives me anything! -After all, acting is not like curing cancer! It's fun, and actors are lucky that they get to do what they do!

But I found the recent story by Hamilton Nolan particularly vindictive and pretentious. Not only did it single out specific gift suites, and actors— but the vendors as well!!! I found that to be especially vicious and unwarranted. Go ahead- make fun of Hollywood and gift suites as a whole- but it seems especially mean spirited that Mr Nolan, would use your publication to single out new designers and small businesses trying to establish themselves and build a business. His very negative comments regarding several designers were unnecessary, untrue, and damaging.

Perhaps Mr Nolan may not have considered, that many small businesses cannot afford to compete with the advertising budgets of large companies— and that these gift suites give them a very cost effective way to get testimonials, videos, interviews & photos with celebs posing with their products; as well as pictures of their items worn to red carpet events.

For a small business- trying to establish themselves- that can be a very valuable and give their brand lots of publicity. I know many small, emerging brands that have found these gift suites to be very beneficial to their growth and exposure!

So why would Mr Nolan, and Gawker single out and hurt these small businesses and designers? I'm sure Kevin Nealon, and the guy with the moussed hair, and the rest of Hollywood that Mr Nolan so self-righteously looks down upon, can handle it. But when you attack the venders at the gift suite and malign their products— that's not cool. Not cool at all.

I myself am grateful for anything I'm given in this life.


Tips From 'Round the Water Cooler

Subj: Davey Jones died
Havent got a chance to verify. Heard a coworker say it just now.

Change the Site, Hook a Reader

Gawker is pretty awful. The site could have hooked me as news and editorial outlet but the writers that contribute are inconsistent in tone, point of view and overly aggressive in tone and portrayal of their subject material. I read two completely unrelated articles by two different authors and was immensely put off by both; I wanted to make sure, so I read some more.

Change the line up on the site, I can't be alone in my disdained for gawker.

You're welcome,


Oh Yeah, That's Slander

Nice article. Definatley slander. Definatley worth contacting an attorney for. And I will.

How so you sleep at night writing horrible things like that?

Karma does come back.

How Many Toilets Are We Talking About Here?

sandra fluke proves that liberals have a disease and you and your toilet tissue article should be flushed down the toilet. sandra fluke should have her reproductive organs sucked out with a hoover.

A Not-So-Polite Demand

You are the biggest douche bag ... PLease STOP writing about ANYTHING...YOU SUCK!