Director Julie Taymor has taken to court to prove she was the victim of a conspiracy against her while working on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Taymor was fired from the seemingly cursed show after a series of delays and accidents. According to Taymor, none of that was her fault.

In the legal filing, Taymor claims she was ousted not because she wasn't willing to cooperate with changes but simply to appease investors, sway critics to the idea that the show was being fixed, bilk her of royalties and "mask the producers' own failures."

Despite all the difficulties the musical encountered along the way to opening, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has been doing good business, earning more than enough to stay open. Surely, Taymor has argued, some of those profits are due to the director who originally conceived it.

The lawsuit has gone back and forth — with Taymor suing the producers for copyright infringement, and the producers firing back with a counterclaim that her accusations were baseless. Taymor's current assertion that there was a conspiracy against her is in response to the counterclaim. And while conspiracy theories are generally hard to swallow, Taymor's legal team has compiled some compelling evidence in her favor.

The filing describes a behind-the-scenes atmosphere that was secretive and slightly paranoid. Taymor alleges that [co-book writer Glen] Berger was told to quietly work on changes to the story without Taymor's knowledge — called "Plan X" — that in an email Berger complained led him to lead a "double life" — both working with and against Taymor.

Conspiracy or not, it comes down to the fact that Taymor believes the show currently making money on Broadway is essentially the same show she worked on. If the lawyers can't work this out, perhaps she should be looking for an expert: I suggest legal counsel from Daredevil.

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