Despite several trips to rehab, this young star is still hitting the substances really hard. This Hollywood tutor has been seducing his famous young charges for years. No wonder some turn to drugs.

1. "Just a few short weeks ago this underage star stood on a table in a club screaming 'Shots! Shots! Shots!' and downing alcohol until she could barely stand. The alcohol was purchased for her by her much older boyfriend. Then she went and did line after line of cocaine in the bathroom. The cocaine was provided to her by her friendly neighborhood drug dealer (with whom she got matching tattoos). Despite having completed rehab in early 2011, it was clear that our party monster was once again out of control.

So, in January of 2012, she went to rehab again. It didn't last long. Less than a week, then she was pulled out to go back to work. Of course, that strategy didn't work, so in February, she checked into rehab yet again, this time at a different facility. Based on the seriousness of her alcoholism and coke addiction, her doctors recommended a six-month stay. She was pulled out after two weeks.

It doesn't take a genius to know that you can't rid a drunk, cutting, eating-disordered, bi-polar cokehead of her demons in two weeks. This poor girl has had so much emotional trauma in her life that there is no quick fix to her problems. She needs intensive help over a long period of time. She also needs to purge herself of all of the enablers and liars and sycophants who surround her on a daily basis and exacerbate the problem.

Yet, there she is, back at work, smiling and performing for her fans and pretending that everything is great. She is also promoting a television special on—wait for it—how she has stayed strong and sober and sexy for the past year. It's not about genuine recovery. It's about PR. There will be no mention during the special about her severe relapse and her health scare and the two more stints in rehab this year. Those were 'vacations' and 'retreats.' Unfortunately, as long as the lies and the hypocrisy continue, so will her disease.

She needs to take a solid six months off to do nothing but get well. The fact that she is constantly being yanked out of rehab and thrown back into the work force because so many people and shareholders rely on her income is both disgusting and sad. Shame on the mouse. Shame on the moonman." [Blind Items]

2. "So, as you may know, when you are a minor and on a film set or a television set, you still need to go to school. Well, to take care of that thorny issue, tutors are hired and pretend to work with the children until they can be called back to the set and work. I wrote about one tutor way back in the day, but wanted to tell you about a guy who was a particularly vile guy. He died not too long ago and he took the virginity of about half a dozen celebrities you would know but all told he probably did the same thing to 50 or 60 teens. It might have been more. No one ever did or said anything about it. One time one actress complained and she was fired. Another time an actress told the tutor that she actually had lost her virginity to an actor on the show so the tutor made up some thing about the actor and had him fired. The tutor did not like to share. The tutor would eventually be accused of sexual assault or he would get some girl pregnant and he would move on to another studio or another employer. He never had any trouble getting hired.

One actress who was A list back in the day when the tutor slept with her and is now probably a B- with some big time tabloid relationships in her past once said the tutor slept with every teen under 16 on the cast of her show. To do that he must have been very busy because there were about 100 teens that walked through that show at some point.

This actress who was B list at the time it happened and on a very hit network comedy show says the tutor is the reason so many of her relationships now are so messed up and that she started taking drugs to ease the pain. This actress had one more middling show after the first. The second was a spin off. As a point of reference she also said that after the tutor had sex with her, her co-star (A list at the time and now a reality C) and very famous user of women had sex with her too almost everyday even though he would sleep with different women at night.

More recently, the tutor made his way through several networks which cater to children. He found lots and lots of teens there. His most recent assault, because lets face it that is what they are, happened on the set of a very hit tween show. Like very very hit tween show which is still airing. The second lead female co-star had just turned 17 when she was assaulted by the guy. She complained to the head of the show who had been a television star himself and he fired the tutor. It turns out the tutor had sex with two of his former co-stars on a hit network show back in the day." [CDaN]