Perhaps the greatest legacy of Olivia Munn's sexy phone hack (other than the revelation that Chris Pine apparently licks ass) is the comedienne's unique sexting method, which involves superimposing text and arrows over an erotic self-portrait, to create illustrated sex instructions. In the above photo, for instance, Olivia's butt is labeled "put your cum all over here."

Olivia uses Skitch, a basic photo-editing app for phones and computers. And so I have decided to call this sexting method "skitching." (Like Kleenex and the Yo-Yo, it is a brand name that now means more.) Are you interested in skitching? Here, let me show you how.

First, upload a sexy photo to Skitch or the photo-editing software of your choice. Use arrows to label your erogenous zones with instructions for your lover.


Feel free to address your lover by name. Alternating font size may help.

Be creative. Click and drag your erotic utterances around the photo until maximum sexiness is achieved.

Now email or text your skitch to a loved one or maybe just a random garden flower you met after midnight at a bar.

Congratulations! You just skitched.