This up-and-coming actor is talking to an A-list thesbian who is trying to get in our young man's pants. So far no luck. This celeb has a sex tape and this young star's mom is talking all about her daughter's sexual conquests. She has lots of luck!

1. "So, this very solid A list movie actor who has rocketed to almost A+ status in the past year has had a series of gorgeous girlfriends. Back to back to back they have been B+ or A list actresses. Anyway, it seems that our actor is not above getting a little male action on the side. Never a main course, but always on the side. He also prefers them younger than him. Our actor has been sending e-mails to a brand new A list actor who is just getting started with his own franchise. The two actors have been communicating, and even gone out once or twice, but so far the young actor is resisting the advances of the A lister." [CDaN]

2. "This newest celebrity who is only famous for being famous, (and really only became so because of the internet) is constantly hatching plans to stay in the limelight. Don't worry fans, she's got a sex tape all cooked up and coming your way!" [BuzzFoto]

3. "She's not a regular Mom. She's a cool Mom! When her daughter has a gig, she doesn't just show up and clap. She parties hard with her daughter's friends until the wee hours of the morning. And when Mom's partying, she and her mouth get totally out of control. On a bender last week—and while her daughter was on the other side of the room—she regaled a large group of people with the most intimate and disgusting details of her daughter's sexual conquests. She told stories about a famous singer who thought her daughter was beautiful ('He likes to take the virginity of his groupies!'), an heir to a family fortune ('Good thing he has a handsome face, because his penis is really small!'), and a slimy actor ('He likes the back door, and he said that [my daughter] was the best sex he's ever had… and he's had everybody!'). It's nice to see a Mom so proud of her her little princess." [Blind Gossip]