A friend and graduate of Columbia's journalism school noticed this incredible update in his monthly alumni update email blast today, and thought to pass it along, because oh my god, it is fantastic. Amidst the general, self-congratulatory notes—"Peter Hoffmann '60 has revised and expanded his 2001 book," "Anusha Shrivastava '02 was elected president of..."—lies this gem:

Veronica Zaragovia '08 never received a request for permission to publish an update about her in the February 2012 alumni notes, which copied word for word an Associated Press release regarding a temporary AP appointment in South Dakota. It wasn't submitted by Zaragovia who does not bother alumni with updates about her life in the hopes of receiving accolades nor does she wish to boost Columbia's image at the expense of her privacy. She wants to note that she had no part in last month's update and, had she been asked, she would have declined the offer.

Ow, girl. In February, the newsletter had published:

Veronica Zaragovia '08 has been hired by The Associated Press to cover the state government in South Dakota and the 2012 legislative session. For the past two years, Zaragovia has also written freelance pieces for a variety of publications, including The Jerusalem Post and TIME.com.

She'd better keep her wedding announcement under wraps.

[H/T Barry P., photo via Shutterstock]