Calling all would-be cyber-chroniclers of television history: An upcoming hour of reality TV needs to be live-blogged for pop-cultural posterity. Are you up to the challenge? Then join us!

Our group task is tonight is to document the proceedings of Project Runway All Stars—as we do here every week—by posting a running commentary on the show (which starts a 9 pm Eastern on Lifetime) in the comments section under this post. That way, millions of years from now, anthropologists of the future can read through these cyber-chronicles and come away even more thoroughly confused about our civilization than they were before. And confusing future anthropologists is a very important endeavor!

Something else I consider to be an important endeavor is to read through everyone's comments after these live blogs are over—and last week's batch of witty quips was a particularly memorable one. So much so, in fact, I've decided to feature a half-dozen of my favorites comments from last week right here (while featuring a dozen more in this separate post):

  • just.a.smore: A black light challenge? Thank God it's not the same challenge where used their own bedsheets for fabric.
  • GoOnWithoutMe: I have a lot of memories of a black light party room. They are not clear memories, but they are memories nonetheless.
  • ClariceStarling: When I was younger and heard the term "prima donna," I thought they were saying "pre-Madonna" a young girl who is going to grow up to be like Madonna.
  • WIncredulous: If I had a nickel for every time I heard "part alien, part Elizabethan"...
  • BabyJane: Avant-garde for Kenley is anything made after 1952.
  • ismellcatpee: There's an Amber Alert on my TV screen and the text is covering up all the designs. Find that kid already, I'm losing track!

Speaking of losing track—if you're wondering just how close we are to the end of this season, here's the deal: Lifetime says that tonight's episode will determine the finale-three designers who will compete in a two-part finale. So if I'm interpreting that correctly, the final episode will air on March 22—which will be the third day of Spring! Isn't that a nice thought? So just think about twittering robins and blooming crocuses while I run through these things to watch for on tonight's episode:

  • The challenge will be to make a ready-to-wear look that will be "sold nationwide" – guest-judged by Nanette Lepore, a commercially successful designer who does ready-to-wear stuff. And is it just me, or does this sound like it will be really boring? Give us kooky materials! Give us gimmicks! This Klum-less, Gunn-less, Kors-less show is just too dull without them!
  • Ready-to-wear is obviously not Mondo's strong suit, and the preview hints that he may be in trouble tonight. This is all just false suspense, naturally … I hope.
  • Austin will appear with a mustache again, which has me puzzled, because I could swear it was shaved off at some point during last week's episode. Is his mustache removable, I wonder? Is it just some kind of facial merkin?

Alas, we have no time to ponder such mysteries, since it's nearly 9 pm and time to get this live-blog started. I'll see you down in the comments!