Mail call! This week our inboxes listened to your questions, acknowledged your Biblical references, and was surprised by your (boundless) racism. Here is this week's hate mail roundup.

Some of My Best Friends Have Gout, the Rich Man's Disease

Can we be equally sensitive to those people who suffer from gout? I understand that 'gout-ridden' implies that Rush Limbaugh is a glutton, and that it's historically known as 'rich man's disease.' But the vast majority of people with gout have it because it's genetic, and through no fault of their own. Many people with gout are indeed fat, but it's more a case of cause and effect - their joints are inflamed and it is painful to move, making exercise problematic.

I don't have gout, but I have two friends who do, father and son. You've probably met a few as well unknowingly, because of the unfair stigma attached to gout, it's something people tend to hide and not admit to. That's regrettable, new research and treatments are coming out every year that could help relieve, even if it can't cure, this very painful disease.

I don't know if Limbaugh has gout. I don't know that if he does it's from a lifestyle choice rather than genetics. What I do know is that Rush Limbaugh is a racist, fascist, vile, disgusting, contemptible person who should be kicked off the air permanently, and rightly be condemned for his actions.

But not for his gout.


No Headlines of Interest

i've been reading your blog for over a year now. before you made all the changes which included firing people there was plenty of material to keep me interested. for the past two days i have read the headlines and have not found one headline of interest. the time between the firings and now the content has become watered down and uninteresting. i imagine your site stats might reflect lowered activity. it's too bad. i used to be entertained.

Yes. It Is.

Is this supposed to be funny?

Just Another Slutty Fairy Tale

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Limbaugh is not saying that women who want birth control are sluts; rather, he is saying that a college student who cannot help satisfying her sexual promiscuity and then wants society to pay for her birth control, is a slut. And he is dead right. Listen, sexual behavior is just that – A BEHAVIOR. And pregnancy is not a DISEASE, therefore ending it does not fall under "health care". Actually I cannot believe that we are even having this discussion, it is so obvious; but the moral cave-in of America just goes to further and further depths, so here we are. Bottom line: if you don't want pregnancy, then don't have sex (we humans do have free will, you know), or buy your own contraception. But don't make me pay for it, and certainly don't go to a Catholic university and think they should pay for it. This is just so ridiculous, and anyone who cannot recognize such a basic truth should not be voting. Sodom and Gomorrah, here we come (think it's just a fairy tale? Just wait. But all of this has been foretold by Scripture and countless saints ….)

The Black Rap Couple Pact

i was reading the article about this black rap couple, being illuminati..only in america ,can a pact of disgraceful uneducated negros carry such tag.. and rappers too., you gotta be kidding me.. of course the west is failing. look who represents the out coming of the illuminati.. dumb did the order allow such a thing to must be the youth of the order.well give all these negro rappers your money.. the plan you had for them failed., now they are glorified, so you will have more difficulty ,removing this problem from the social environment.just remember. the asians are coming.. they can sing better than todays blacks., they can rap better than todays blacks, and they can dance better than todays blacks.out number , and their corporate managers out number western corporate manager 100 to 1.. so do you think the future is going to be one in which the Asians include ..nigros who can`t dance, can`t rap, and can`t sing.,along with corporate managers who can manage.i think not.. Some good advice.. bust a cap in negro rap.debase these negro rappers wealth base and send them either back to their slums, or to jail.Not all negros are degenerate. your media just focused on those who are. their loss.

Getting Pregnant Is Not a Disease, Also Not My Problem

My response to Fluke's opinions, She's doing more than giving opinions. Political activists who SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN are criminals. Women getting pregnant and having sex is not my problem. It is their personal life. Getting pregnant is not a disease. Tramp women have always been disease spreaders. And it stops there. I don't care what they die of. I hope STD's marks them like leprosy. Am I clear on this? The diseases associated with their life style is their own decision. Personally, I wouldn't want to use the same seat as Fluke. And I would not offer one dime to save their life. Don't ever speak for all women.