Paris Fashion Week, with its flurry of models, luxury brands, fashionistas, onlookers and press, has now drawn to a close. During the course of its final days, we stalked around many of the shows and parties to capture a view of the atmosphere in the City of Lights. Scenes of the past week include glimpses of the runway, the outdoor scenes before and after the shows and backstage areas abuzz with activity to spy models in their natural habitat.

Whereas New York Fashion Week happens but twice a year, Paris has a much fuller fashion calendar. Its sub-categories, Men's Fashion Week and Haute Couture, are scheduled earlier in the calendar, and it wraps up with Ready to Wear.

Ready to Wear is staged in various venues throughout the city, such as Lycée Carnot, Tuileries Gardens, Grand Palais museum and upscale hotels with grand architecture often share sweeping views of the city (either from the building's own windows or just outside), and they play a significant role in each show. And while Paris Fashion Week certainly draws the A-list crowds, the celebrity wattage is much more low-key than at other international incarnations.


A model backstage at Akris, surrounded by multiple stylists.

Polish model Daga Ziober, waiting in the dressing area to be dressed in her first look.


Model Daga Ziober walking the runway for Swiss label Akris.

A model walks the runway at the Paul & Joe show.

A staffer adjusts clothing at the STEALTHPROJEKT after-hours installation showroom and party, which displayed a select group emerging brands.

A back room at the STEALTHPROJEKT after-hours installation showroom and party.

Talbot Runhof show attendees Max Gruber and Julia Wolf watch the runway show in action from the front row.

A model greets a large group of awaiting photographers after walking in the Talbot Runhof show at the Hotel Westin.

Two models backstage before the Allude show at the Grand Palais.

A model receives hair and makeup treatment backstage at the Allude show.

A model holds a reflector for a beauty shot.

Allude's lead hairstylist gives an interview to a female reporter.

Swedish model Dorothea Barth Jorgensen's look card, which serves as a guide for her dresser(s).

Models socializing backstage before the Allude show.

A model looks up from checking her Hello Kitty theme cellphone before the Allude show.

Model Dorothea Barth Jorgensen and another model stand side by side, wearing their first looks before walking the Allude show.

A model puts on her shoes backstage at Allude.

The runway finale for Allude.

Allude designer Andrea Karg fielding interviews post-show.

A fashion week attendee walks across the grounds at Espace Ephémère Tuileries prior to Wednesday's Elie Saab show.

Rosario Dawson poses for photographers at the Elie Saab show.

A model faces photographers at the end of the runway at the Elie Saab show.

A model struts down the runway in a green gown as a part of the Elie Saab show.

A model in the first stage of makeup prior to Korean designer Lie Sang Bong's show.

A model dries her hand with a blow dryer, backstage at Lie Sang Bong, with the show's full makeup on her face.

Models walk the runway as a run through prior to the start of the Lie Sang Bong show.

A model backstage pre-show at Lie Sang Bong, in face makeup, easily the most evocative makeup of the season.