Heady development from the cutthroat world of slogan trademarking: Pepsi is officially not "The Choice of a New Generation" any more. Pepsi Co. poured countless millions into promoting the slogan, but stopped using it 20 years ago. Now, Ad Age reports that it has been scooped up by Malt-O-Meal! Which is called "MOM Brands" now, apparently. Don't act like yall don't eat that cheap-ass Malt-O-Meal cereal and shit! Shout out to Malt-O-Meal! You cheap bastards.

It's fairly unusual for a marketer to recycle another company's sales pitch, and such a move comes with potential legal barriers, trademark lawyers said. For instance, the original owner could try to reassert its claim in court.

But the approach suits the penny-pinching style of MOM Brands, which wanted to avoid the costly exercise of paying a branding agency to create something from scratch, said Linda Fisher, the company's corporate communications manager.

Yall are so gutter! Malt-O-Meal: The New Choice of a Broke-Ass Generation.

[Ad Age. Photo: Kristen Bonardi Rapp/ Flickr]