The Ides of March are upon us. Beware the boredom that comes from not doing something fun! Our boredom-killing, fun-inducing live blog of Project Runway All Stars' penultimate episode is about to begin down in the comments, just as the soothsayers of ancient Rome predicted it would. Join us!

The two-part finale is finally here—and after this season ends next week, I'm going to miss live-blogging with you guys more than I've missed Heidi Klum's boobs this season. And I mean that—I didn't just say it so I would work the phrase "Heidi Klum's boobs" into a post (twice) to see how it would affect the page views. Really. By the way, in case you miss Heidi too, here's a video of her talking about her boobs and yodeling. Enjoy!

One thing that's easier than yodeling is learning how to participate in this live blog, if you haven't before. All you have to do is watch tonight's episode (which airs on Lifetime at 9 pm Eastern) and post quips and observations about it in the comments section below. You'll be joined by a bunch of witty folks doing the same thing. Here's a sampling of some of their more-memorable quips from our last live blog. Other memorable things from last week included these:

  • Austin's mustache continued to baffle us by vanishing and reappearing. Maybe we should nickname it "Dobby the Mustache" from now on, since it apparates and disapparates so unexpectedly.
  • When Kenley criticized Mondo's inability to sketch, commenter AMownLawn quipped: "Kenley doesn't sketch either—she just uses a Xerox machine each week."
  • I missed most of the show due to a sudden TV outage, which left me cursing my cable provider like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.
  • The ready-to-wear challenge was so boring and stinky, commenter bytemehard compared it to "watching taint dry."
  • The word "keyhole" was mentioned so much, it's a shame we didn't make it a drinking-game word. Ironically, as commenter otterbird noted, Kenley's keyhole-free dress left her unable to "unlock the door to the finals."

So with Kenley gone, we're left with something I never expected to see after this show moved to the Lifetime Ladyparts Network—an all-male final three. And Mondo, Austin and Michael have something more than their gender in common: Each has also been compared to a popular children's-story character by commenters during past live blogs. So here's a pop quiz: Can you name the three characters, and explain which goes with which designer, and why? Post your answer in the comments, and I'll mention the winner in next week's post.

In addition to vagina-free designers, here are a few other things to expect on tonight's episode:

  • We'll learn that, for the first time, the final runway show won't be held at New York Fashion Week. Apparently, they're just going to put a red carpet in an old bank building and hold the final show there instead. But it'll be just as good, I'm sure!
  • In another departure from seasons past, the designers will have only four days to complete their collections, instead of months. This means we probably won't see any Tim-Gunn-style "home visits" from new "mentor" Joanna Coles-and I think we can all be grateful for that.
  • All nine eliminated "all stars" will make a return appearance tonight. So maybe that woman who spits on fabric will get one last, nationally televised opportunity to spit on something before she finally disappears into obscurity forever!

Before we get this live blog started, here's a quick announcement: I've scheduled a very informal live-blogger meet-up for next Friday, March 23, from 7 to 10 pm at The Westside Tavern at 360 W. 23rd St. in New York. I‘ll be there, and I hope to see some of you there too. In the meantime, I'll see you down in the comments!