This week's mail brought in some angry threats, some confusing questions, and a slew of creative insults. Start your weekend off the hateful way, with a hate mail roundup!

The Tao of Zuckerberg


did zuckerberg teach you nothing? fix your shit.

And Use Your Toenails (?) We Shall

You're welcome to use my toenails(?) for your next tail of mears(angry queers) post.
BTW, thanks for re-affirming my long held personal conviction that it is ok degrade and make slight of the genocide perpetrated by this country on the native americans. Just dont say anything about black people, or you'll be fired. probably because nick denton has jungle fever.

Maureen O'Connor Fanfic

I would sure hate to be a pet of yours, or even a child. No compassion and no thought put into this article! I imagine I am not the only person to voice their opinion of your article. First I thought you were a man, then after reading the article I found where you are a retired librarian gone freelance writer and a women on top of that. I can see why you are still a freelance writer.

Wazzock, a Derogatory Horse of a Different Color

Hello Maureen

Just in case you didn't now, the word "spaz" is used as an abbreviation for "spastic" in the UK, which is considered a derogatory word for someone, supposedly indicating severe mental and physical disabilities. I would consider it more offensive than "retard".

You might want to consider changing it for "wazzock" which is also derogatory, but not openly offensive to a minority group.

Thanks for all the good work you do.

Dung Family Values

Whitest family on earth?? You insulting degenerate swine. Liberals get dumber and more vile every day.

Look in the mirror moron. Maybe your family was a pile of dung. but your opinion of one that isn't is just pure trash.