Ever a Slytherin, Harry Potter actor Jamie Waylett has been sentenced to two years in jail for his participation in last summer's London riots.

Waylett, 22, played Vincent Crabbe, a bad apple and Draco Malfoy's henchman in six of the eight Harry Potter films. He was cut from the final two following a 2009 arrest for growing marijuana in his mother's home.

Waylett was sentenced to two years' jail time for violent disorder and twelve months for handling stolen goods. The sentences will run concurrently. He will be eligible for parole in one year.

Initially, Waylett, who was caught on supermarket security camera footage brandishing a Molotov cocktail, was also charged with possession of an article with intent to destroy or damage property.

Waylett's lawyer alleged that that her client was intimidated into accepting the gasoline bomb from a masked rioter who "knew where he lived" and teasingly called him "Harry." She added that that Waylett was only present at the looted supermarket on the third night of rioting because he was "fascinated" by the scene, not unlike a young Mr. Potter making his first wide-eyed rounds of Diagon Alley.

A jury cleared Waylett of the destruction charges.

Mischief mismanaged.

[Image via AP]