Arlen Specter Can't Stop Describing Other Politicians' Naked Bodies

Turns out Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania senator who jumped the aisle to become a Democrat in 2009, is a sensual man. "Arlen Specter's Memoir: The Five Steamiest Passages" is the headline of an Amanda Terkel Huffington Post article that really delivers. Excerpts:

Once, during lengthy waits for massages while we used a temporary gym in the Dirksen Building, I was walking undressed to the last table. Another senator, also naked, walked briskly, perhaps at a slight run, and slipped in ahead of me. That was something that senators just don't do.

We were sitting virtually knee to knee in the cramped bus, and [Sarah Palin] radiated sensuality. Her skirt rode above her kneesā€”not exactly short, but close.

Specter also describes hanging out in the whirlpool at the Senate gym when Ted Kennedy climbed in with him: "Kennedy was one of the Senate's giants, in many ways. It was as though a gigantic walrus had plunged into the sea, causing the level to swell." Arlen Specter: man of sensuality, describer of bodies. [HuffPost, image via AP]