Ah, Drew. A list of famous writers and artists who once worked in the advertising industry is not an argument in favor of the advertising industry. It's an argument in favor of getting the fuck out of the advertising industry. We recognize Salman Rushdie's name because he did not stay in the advertising industry. We can all take this as a lesson.

And all those other valuable lessons that advertising teaches? Getting to the point, persistence, a variety of experiences, getting over your own preciousness, being a fucking professional? I know an even quicker way to learn that shit: blogging for a few years. Write, publish, argue, insult, be insulted, repeat. No crying allowed. And no fucking "brand manager" asses to kiss.

You made it out of advertising too, Drew. I am thankful you did, because you have quite a way with cuss words. Now don't go encouraging the angry bloggers of tomorrow to get themselves trapped in that quicksand. "I encourage you all to go to prison," you tell them. "If you should be fortunate enough to escape one day, you'll have great survival skills that can be put to use in something worthwhile!"


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