It's hard out here for a Dominique Strauss-Kahn. First he was accused of rape, then he was questioned about a prostitution ring, and now he's being charged for his involvement. Now, "aggravated pimping" is a hilarious term, but what does it mean legally? Allow CNN to explain.

The charge alleges involvement in the habitual operation of a prostitution racket. Specifically, "aggravated' means on a regular and involved basis, and "pimping" means actually facilitating a prostitution operation, not just being a customer.

Prostitution isn't actually illegal in France, but making money off of someone else's prostitution is. Last December, DSK's lawyer Henri Leclerc admitted that his client attended sex parties, but he claimed that he was not aware the women there were prostitutes. If the latest charges against Strauss-Kahn are true, he was more than a mere attendee.

DSK has been released on 100,000-euro bail. He is not permitted to talk to the media, and will likely not be attending any sex parties while this investigation continues.

[Image via AP]