Bloodthirsty Bully Harvey Weinstein Releases Movie About Bullies

Today marks the release of Bully, a "moving and troubling documentary" about the victims of adolescent bullying. It's being distributed by the Weinstein Company, which is co-run by Harvey Weinstein, a monstrous and violent bully who has hurt hundreds of people with his frequent rages and sociopathic lack of concern for the emotional or physical well-being of anyone with less power than himself.

Director Lee Hirsch received praise in the New York Times' review of Bully today, which lauded his "compassion[ate] and tact[ful]" examination of "the extent to which that cruelty is embedded in our schools and therefore in our society as a whole." Even before its release, Bully became something of a cause celebre when Weinstein balked at the MPAA's refusal to grant it a PG-13 rating—and therefore be available in theaters to the constituency that most needs to see it—on account of its swearing. Weinstein brashly chose to release it without a rating rather than submit to an R.

What devotion to getting the message out about bullying! Good for you, Harvey. Here is a very brief and very incomplete list of some of the awful, shitty, subhuman things that Harvey Weinstein, newfound advocate for the bullied, has done to people less powerful than he is: